Sheildaig Project

The project involved the demolition of parts of an existing house and conserving the stonework of the existing house to create a new house with eco-friendly properties. A stone boathouse on the shore was also constructed and a garage. The site was a particularly challenging site due to ground conditions however it was completed to schedule and without any issues. The build was a sensitive build as it was built into the face of the hill an although the design was an unusual design with the mix of traditional and modern design (existing stone and the oak cladding) it created a building that blended into the landscape with minimum impact.

The project consisted of supplying and erecting a steel frame to form a hexagonal, vaulted ceiling and a balcony around the entire hexagon. The property was highly insulated and finished to the highest of specifications. The new house ground floors were built from the stone of the existing property. The remainder of the stone was also used to create a boathouse next to the shore and a retaining wall in the garden.